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Learn About Emotional Intelligence Tests
There are many scenarios when employers irrespective of the country they live have had to hear their employees come up with petty excuses as to why they did not come to work on time or do what they were supposed to do. Some of the common excuses that employees give is that there was traffic and that was why they did not come to work on time, their alarms were faulty and that was why they were late or they are going through bad hair days. At the same time, there has been proved that some of these excuses that employees give their employers are chronic in nature and this means that it is possible for one to identify these problems as early as possible.

When most of the employees in a given company have aggressive behavior, sticky fingers, rude, are always late to work, lack integrity skills as well as many other virtues, then the company’s performance is likely to go down. If a given company hires employees with the above-mentioned trait, it is possible for the company to correct the behavior through the following wats; coaching, training, mentoring as well as organizing a number of events that are meant to transform employee behavior.

Remember that even before the employee rectifies his or her behavior, the company might have been affected negatively since there are no clients who would want to associate themselves with a staff that does not have a god attitude and at the same time, employees may perform poorly if there is sexual harassment going on in that company. This is the main reason why there are many employers who are opting to do pre-employment tests before they employ a person so as to reduce their chances of hiring an ineffective employee whose behavior would negatively affect the company.

Even though employers are able to conduct the perfect interviews on their potential employees and be aware of all the flaws that a certain person has, the time has shown that it is still crucial to do a pre-employment test. There are scenarios where employers may lack the time as well as the resources to do a perfect interview, and this is where the pre-employment test will come in handy since they will eventually learn the personality of that potential employee. It is also possible for small business to do their pre-employment tests before they employ a certain person since these tests do not consume a lot of time and resources. These tests try to inquire one’s level of being honest, reliable, dependable, friendly and many other things that the company may be looking for.

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