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Finding Ways To Keep Up With

Important Points on Prevailing Wage

Many employees don’t know that the minimum wage that has been set by the Federal Government is $8 per hour. Most employees end up realizing that they are being shortchanged when it is too late. Public work projects are usually governed by laws. There are so many wage laws that have been set by the government with the aim of protecting their citizens from employers who take advantage of their employees’ naivety. These laws were set to benefit employees who work in public projects so that all employees who work in this field can receive a wage that they deserve.

Many states have set their own prevailing wage law. You will find that different states have different laws but at the end of the day, these laws have been structured to benefit the Citizens. Most states their prevailing wage laws are quite similar. A good example is the California prevailing wage law whereby all public projects which cost more than $1000, their employees must be paid a prevailing rate which will be determined by the director of the department of industrial relations. It is the responsibility of the prime contractor and all subcontractors to ensure that these blue has been implemented. Breaking such a law has consequences. An employee can sue the company and the chances of them winning the lawsuit are very high. Such repercussions will lead to a company experiencing major losses.

The law states that a public work project is usually any project is costs more than $1000. Such a project is usually funded fully by public funds. It does not matter if the project is being run by a private company as long as it is being funded by the public it is a public work project. As an employee before you seek employment in any project, it is important for you to ensure that you have an idea if it is a public or a private funded Project. This information will guide you in having an idea of how much wage will be. With this information, you want to be a victim of employers paying you less than what you deserve. Most people end up being shot charged without knowing and the only time that they realize that they are a victim of this is when they interact with other employees in that Project. Knowledge is power. Don’t shy away from doing a little bit of research on the project that you want to seek employment at the end of the day you are the one who benefits from all this.

One thing that you need to know is that the wage rates are usually published by the Department of industrial relations depending on the trade and classifications. How much you will be paid mostly depends on your duties and not your job title. Even if you saw the construction company the courts will not look at your title but rather the work that you were doing. It is important for you to seek advice from a lawyer so that they can guide you in knowing your prevailing wage so that you can be certain that you are actually being paid the amount of money that you deserve.

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